Homework Assignment

For my homework assignments, I learned to utilize down time. For example, in many of my classes, I had a few minutes after the lesson was over before I had to change to my next class. During this time, I had a homework assignment handy and I would work until the bell rang for my next class. By doing this consistently, I usually had my math homework finished before school ended for the day. I also found times during lunch, or after finishing a classroom assignment to work on homework. For homework assignments that needed more attention such as writing an essay, I would jot down ideas that i could use when I sat down at night to work on the homework assignment.

You race out of the driveway and down the road, only to come to a complete stop because of traffic. What seems like hours later, you drop your child off at school with a quick wave and either scramble to get to work on time or speed to the grocery store to start your list of errands for the day. Whew! It’s only nine o’clock in the morning and you’ve already spent a lot of time, energy, and gas performing your daily routine.

The merit badge program in Boy Scouts is the single best arguement for boys to stay in the program for they can experiment with possible career choices within the merit badge system which will not cost the parents an arm or leg in tuition fees.